Temtem Developers Share Short-term Content Roadmap

The developers of Temtem, Crema, have shared a post detailing their short-term plans for the game. These include two new islands, around 50 new Temtems, and even the first Mythical Temtem. On top of that, there’ll also be in-game chat, ranked matchmaking, spectator mode, player housing, tournaments, a quest diary, and much, much more.

Temtem Developers Share Short-term Content Roadmap
Temtem Developers Share Short-term Content Roadmap

Temtem is a game that’s in early access; that, of course, means that there are plenty of things missing from it. The developers are still working on it, and there’s a long way for it to go still. That said, there’s a ton of new stuff that Crema studio are cooking up. It’s gonna raise the game’s, well, game to a whole new level.

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So, what kind of new content can you expect from Temtem in the short term, according to the official announcement? Well, in the spring of 2020, you can look forward to ranked matchmaking V1, spectator mode V1, in-game chat, chat bubbles, and club management. Then, for the summer, the devs are cooking up a whole new island called Kisiwa, around 25 new Temtems, player housing, climbing gear, and emotes V2. Lastly, in fall, we’ll be getting another new island (Cipanku) and 25 more Temtems, the first Mythical Temtem, in-game tournaments, a quest diary, and, last but not least, achievements.

Now, the developers have also announced that they’ll also be sharing mid-term plans on the same post, too. They didn’t share much more information, aside from a few points to whet our appetites. Namely, they mention “the Trading House, the Dojo Wars, and details about the end-game island, after launch support and more.” So, check back in for more info when it comes. And, check out some of our Temtem guides, if you need help. Among other articles, we’ve written How to Earn Money in Temtem, How to Defeat Sophia Dojo Master, and Tour Guide Quest – Umbrella Location.

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