Orcs Must Die Unchained for Free on PS4 Starting July 18

Orcs Must Die Unchained, the action strategy game from Robot Entertainment, is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 18th. The game is completely free for all users. PlayStation Plus players who install the game by August 17th will get a twenty-dollar exclusive package. The game will have a platinum trophy.

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After several months since its initial release on PC on April 19th, the third installment of the Orcs Must Die franchise will become available for PlayStation owners. This action-packed, tower defense game runs on the Unreal Engine and there are some mixed opinions about its quality.

Orcs Must Die has gameplay that’s somewhat different from other tower defense games. You are placed behind a hero who builds traps to face the incoming hordes head-on. It includes single player, co-op (without split screen) and multiplayer (with a matchmaking system) gameplay through several different game modes.

The PS4 version will arrive on the console with new content, game modes and regular updates. Some of the game mechanics players can enjoy are:

  • Survival mode – three player co-op defense gameplay.
  • Sabotage mode – two teams of three players fight against each other. Each team can influence the performance of the other team by sending additional minions and even bosses. They do so with powerful spells that are new to this mode.
  • Weekly Challenges – a game mode that features unique challenging gameplay and puzzles. It resets each week on Tuesday.
  • Endless mode – featured in the previous title; enemies keep coming until you break.

The PS4 exclusive package contains in-game currency, skins, consumables and more. If you are a PlayStation Plus member, be sure to grab it before August 17. On Steam, players can buy the Started and Hero Bundle. The $10 Started Bundle includes 2750 Gold, 16,000 Skulls, 1 Week Battle Pass (25% XP Bonus, Double Skull Rewards, 5% Teammate XP Bonus, Special Avatar Badge) and over 50% savings. The $30 Hero Bundle includes every hero in the collection.

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