Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC File Size Smaller on Switch than Wii-U

The first DLC pack for Zelda Breath of the Wild, called Master Trials, is coming out on June 30th, for both the Wii-U and Nintendo Switch. The official website of Nintendo Japan revealed the file size of the DLC for both consoles. As it turns out, the Wii-U version will be downright enormous compared to the Switch one.

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Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC File Size Smaller on Switch than Wii-U
Zelda BOTW Master Trials DLC File Size Smaller on Switch than Wii-U

The Master Trials is the first of two large DLC packs planned for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. During this year’s E3, Nintendo announced more details about both DLCs, Master Trials and Champions’ Ballad, which is when we found out that Master Trials would come out on June 30th. We’ve covered the contents of Master Sword before, and Nintendo has consistently released more information about the upcoming DLC. For example, we learned that the first Zelda BOTW DLC will use a separate save slot, and we even got an extended Trial of the Sword gameplay video.

So, with the Master Trials DLC just around the corner, Nintendo Japan has revealed the file sizes for both the Switch and Wii-U version. Somewhat surprisingly, the file sizes are vastly different. The Nintendo Switch version will take up 456 MB, while the Wii-U version stands at a staggering (in comparison to the other version) 3.7 GB. That’s quite a gap there. To be fair, the Wii-U version of Breath of the Wild demanded an extra update of 3 GB to even be able to play. Still, what’s going on in the Wii-U DLC there that will fill up several more gigabytes? Perhaps it needs to patch up some Wii-U problems that will better prepare the terrain for the patch.

Either way, whether you own Breath of the Wild on the Switch or the Wii-U, I’m sure you’ll be happy to play the DLC when it comes out. Both DLCs can be obtained by buying the $20 season pass, in case you haven’t secured it yet.

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