Zelda BoTW Travel Medallion Location - Teleportation Rumors Quest

Travel Medallion is a new item in Zelda Breath of The Wild, added in the Master Trials DLC. It’s an amulet that lets you teleport to a place you’ve previously chosen, effectively letting you have one custom fast travel point. It’s an essential item to have, but it can be hard to find. You’ll get a quest that will point you towards it, called Teleportation Rumors. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Zelda BotW Travel Medallion location.

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zelda botw travel medallion location
Zelda BoTW Travel Medallion

Where to find Travel Medallion

Go to the South Akkala Stable, a bit southeast from Death Mountain. Go inside and look for a book on a table. Reading it will give you a hint – the amulet is beneath a labyrinth in northeast Akkala. You should travel to Lomei Labyrinth Island next. Get to the shrine inside, and you’ll see a hole in front of the entrance. Once you’ve completetd the shrine, wind will start blowing upwards from it. Jump down and head towards the southern wall. You’ll find a chest near the middle of it, with your medallion inside.

How to use Travel Medallion

The medallion is pretty easy to use. First you need to go to the location you want to use as your custom fast travel point. Then you use the medallion to set a waypoint there. You can only have one waypoint active at a time, so setting a new one will delete the old. Finally, when you want to teleport there, simply open the map and look for the Travel Medallion fast travel point.

It’s an extremely useful thing to have, especially if you’re starting over on hard difficulty. It can help you traverse the world faster before you discover all the towers and shrines. You can use it to mark places of interest you’re not equipped to deal with, or just not really into exploring at the moment.

If you’re using it on an old save file, it might not have such an impact – after all, you probably already have most of the shrines unlocked. If you’re missing some, make sure to check out our Zelda BoTW shrine locations guide.