Outlast 2 not getting classification in Australia

Before you rise up with pitchforks and torches in your arms, let us take a look at what is afoot. Outlast 2 was trying to get classified as R18+, which is a pretty fair classification. The board, however, decided against it and left Outlast 2 without classification.

Outlast2 2
“Listen, bucko, I know you’re all into this orgy business, but them haystacks won’t collect themselves.”

If you ask why, it would appear that in several scenes, which happen while the main character is under the influence of hallucinogens, contain sexual violence or allusion to rape. You can read a part of the description and form your own opinion, but beware, there are some SPOILERS in these passages.

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In one cut-scene in the game … a female creature prepares Blake for a ritual. She says, “I want to see your true face. Your seed will burn this world.” Shortly afterwards, he objects to having psycho-active dust blown into his face, yelling, “Nope! Nope!” before he stumbles into a forest clearing.

His vision blurring, he witnesses what appears to a ritualistic orgy. His wife, Lynn, calls out for his help, saying, “It hurts! Oh god!,” as she hangs from chains on a raised platform at the front of the clearing. Humanoid creatures, their skin grey, spattered with blood and scarred, implicity have sex as others pray, or chant, or gesticulate.

One creature has another bent over a rock, thrusting as they implicitly have rear-entry sex, another sits astride the pelvic region of a creature prone on the ground, moving their hips rhythmically as they too implicitly have sex. Two other pairs of creatures in the clearing are also implicitly having sex.

As Blake yells for the creatures to “Get away from her!” a female creature, her greyish breasts bared, pushes him onto his back, holds his arms to the ground and repeatedly thrusts her crotch against him. As Blake protests, saying “No! Stop that!” the creature thrusts again, before placing its face over his midsection and then sitting up and wiping its mouth.

Well, I’m sure those savory images have told you why the board had issues with the game and did not want to give it R18+ rating. Without rating, the game cannot be sold in Australia. The publisher might still decide to change something and submit a modified version for review.

To read more about the game and its release date, click here.

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