Overwatch Horizon Lunar Colony Map Gets Preview Video

Blizzard have released a preview video for Horizon Lunar Colony, their upcoming map. It will feature a Moon base, and will give us more insight into Winston’s personality. It’s coming to the game on June 20th – if you want to know more about it, or its creation, head on down and watch the video.

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overwatch horizon lunar colony map video
Horizon Lunar Colony map preview

The devs have a huge pool of locations they’d like to explore and add into the game, so choosing what to work on next isn’t always as easy as it seems. They prioritize locations that can help them tell stories about the characters, and that’s how Horizon Lunar Colony shot up to the top of the list. It’s Winston’s place of origin, featured in the Recall animated video. Blizzard wanted to show what made Winston leave the colony – it’s a place where experiments were conducted on gorillas, but at some point, the apes staged an uprising, taking control of the station.

The video shows a comparison of places that were in the animated short and will be making a return once the map launches. Among them are Winston’s former bedroom, the telescope room with the humongous doors. Time hasn’t been kind to there places, and you can see a lot of evidence of the struggle that took place there.

They go on to explain the development process for the map – as you’d expect, it’s heavily iterative. They make a version, play it to death, remake what doesn’t feel right, then repeat. The video shows off some concept art for the lunar colony, as well as how it turned out in the final version. Most of the map takes place indoors, but there’s an open, low gravity area that’s going to provide a completely new experience. In other words, it will let you push people off ledges in slow motion.

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