Destiny 2 Faction Vendors Will Focus More on Reputation

Faction vendors in Destiny 2 won’t work the same way as they did in the first game. Players will have to level up reputation to get access to weapons, instead of relying on purchases. The game will include a set of Dead Orbit weapons, as well as Future War Cults and New Monarchy ones.

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Destiny 2 Faction Vendors Will Focus More on Reputation
Destiny 2 Faction Vendors Will Focus More on Reputation

The current situation with faction vendors in Destiny is fairly straight-forward. You can simply walk to any of them and pick whichever weapon they have on display, as long as you have the Legendary Marks. If you earn enough reputation with them, they’ll offer you a package with random weapon. Age of Triumph spiced it up a little, adding a weekly reset to purchased weapons, when their perks get re-rolled. This is about to change in Destiny 2, however.

Recently, IGN’s Fireteam Chat sat down with Destiny 2 lead gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski and community manager David Dague. During the interview, Weisnewski talked a little about how faction vendors will function in the game. Here’s what he had to say:

There has been some changes to how the vendors work. Predominantly, you’re going to be looking to engrams that drop and leveling up reputation with different vendors to get packages to find weapons… The faction vendors are there, and there will be a set of Dead Orbit weapons, a set of New Monarchy weapons, a set of Future War Cult weapons.

This is an interesting move by the developers. If this new vendor system does see the light of day, it will change the way Destiny 2 will work significantly. Players will no longer be able to just purchase whatever their arsenal is lacking. Instead, they’ll have to grind out that reputation to earn what they want. This might add a layer of role-play that the first Destiny didn’t have. In any case, it will make players immerse themselves into the world more, which seems to be the goal this time around.

Destiny 2 is coming out on September 6th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and October 24th on PC.

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