PlayStation Launching Series of Amiibo-Like Character Figurines

PlayStation fans and gamers that like collectables will likely be delighted to know that Sony is coming up with their own series of figurines, produced by Think Geek. They might look like Amiibo, but you won’t be able to scan them and get in-game bonuses. But, they sure do look cool.

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PlayStation Launching Series of Amiibo-Like Character Figurines
PlayStation Launching Series of Amiibo-Like Character Figurines

Sony has prepared a series of figurines to celebrate their various exclusive games and those that have marked their history in some way. They won’t be coming out for another two months, but we now get to see a first glimpse of them. Weirdly enough, the name of the series is Totaku, for some strange reason. So far, they’ve revealed seven of the figurines, four of which you can check out above. There’s Crash Bandicoot, Heihachi Mishima from Tekken, Kratos from the upcoming God of War, the Hunter from Bloodborne, Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet, Parappa the Rapper, and the Feisar FX350 racing ship from Wipeout.

At this stage, you can’t help but make a parallel between the Totaku figurines and Amiibos. The concept is pretty similar, after all. So, exactly how similar are the Totaku figurines to Amiibos? Well, as it turns out, not much. For one, it doesn’t seem that Totakus can be scanned in any way. So, owning them won’t earn you any bonuses in any PlayStation games. Secondly, Sony isn’t producing these figurines. They just licensed them out to Think Geek. As for the Totakus themselves, they’ll be 10 cm tall (a little under four inches). They’ll all be fixed to the base. There doesn’t seem to be any articulation to the figurines.

The Totaku line of figurines are going to come out on March 23rd, 2018. According to IGN, they’ll all be exclusive to GameStop. As for the price, they’ll be $9.99 a pop. So, if you’re a huge PlayStation fan, and want some neat-looking collectables for your shelf, mark your calendar right now.

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