Pokémon Unite Is a Pokemon MOBA Game For Smartphones And Switch

If you’re in the mood for some MOBA action on your Switch you’ll be able to do it soon, with Pokémon . Pokémon heroes fighting one another while killing wild Pokémon for points. Yes, that’s Pokémon Unite and it’s coming soon to smartphones and the Nintendo Switch. This game was the mysterious “next big project” that Pokémon Company hinted about during the last livestream where we learned about the New Pokémon Snap. The game will follow the classic free-to-play formula once it arrives. We reckon that means that the majority of playing characters will be locked behind loot boxes with the best ones being virtually impossible to get.

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Pokémon Unite Features 5v5 Battles That Revolves Around Hunting Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Unite 1

Pokémon Unite takes place on a two-lane map that’s very simplistic in its design. Instead of towers, you’ve got strategic points circling the map. Players who control their Pokémon have to hunt and defeat wild Pokémon. Once they defeat one, they get a number of points that they have to deliver to the nearest strategic point in order to deposit them. The team with more points at the end of the match is the winner.

Your pocket monsters earn XP will battling out the other team and wild Pokémon roaming the map. They can level up and learn new moves. They can also evolve, getting new forms that usually carry an increase of all stats as well even more new powers. Of course, there are ultimate powers called Unite Moves. This all looks like a cash grab but hey, maybe it ends as a great mobile MOBA. The team behind the game is Tencent’s TIMi studio, responsible for some of the most popular mobile MOBA games in the world, such as Arena of Valor and Honor of Kings. Again, Pokémon Unite is free and it will come soon to the Nintendo Switch and smartphones (both iOS and Android).


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