Project Cars 2 will feature 10 Ferraris

Last time we wrote about Project Cars 2 they revealed their list of featured vehicles, it stopped at around 180 vehicles. The latest info says it will add 10 more – and they are all Ferarris.

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Enzo Ferrari model was named after the company’s founder.

Here are a few comments from the studio itself:

Driving a Ferrari, the dream of any passionate motorsport fan is now fully attainable in Project CARS 2. Charting half-a-century’s worth of Ferrari’s supreme creations Project CARS 2 drivers will be able to push these 10 authentically-crafted Ferraris to their astonishing limits.
Beginning with perhaps the most beautiful car ever to have raced, the Ferrari 330 P4 of 1967 (a photo of which was proudly displayed in Enzo Ferrari’s office from the day it claimed total victory at Daytona), through to Ferrari’s modern-day GT warrior, the 488 GT3 and via such iconic Ferraris such as the Ferrari 288 GTO of 1984 (the first supercar to hit the 300km/h barrier), the F40LM of 1989 (the GT version of the first supercar to reach 370km/h) and all the way through to Maranello’s current hypercar – LaFerrari, Project CARS 2 drivers will soon revel in the cars and history that have made Ferrari the world’s most aspirational car brand.

The full list of guest stars includes the following:

  • Ferrari 330 P4 – the gorgeous 1967 model that won Daytona
  • 365 GTB4 Competizione – the successor of the above model
  • 288 GTO – the first road car to hit 300 km/h
  • F40 LM – the well known GT racer
  • F333 SP – Ferrari’s return to endurance racing
  • F50 GT – only three of these beasts have been made
  • Enzo Ferrari – bringing F1 technology to the road
  • 488 GTE – 2nd at Le Mans 2016, third at Daytona 2017
  • 488 GT3 – Ferrari’s entry into the GT3 market
  • LaFerrari – the most powerful road car ever created by Ferrari

These babies and many more of the world’s best and most interesting racing cars will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on September 22nd.