Hitman has reached 5 million players – a new milestone for IO Interactive

There has been quite an exciting situation a couple of months ago when Square Enix decided to sell IO Interactive who, in a movie-worthy twist, they bought themselves! Things are still very open and unsure for them, but their greatest IP seems to be going strong.

IO Interactive also allowed everyone to “try before they buy” in the June update. This gave the players a chance to play the Paris level, which is huge. There is a mind-numbing number of ways to finish your mission, as Hitman keeps proving in each of its levels, being probably one of the finest implementations of the episodic format in gaming. As a bonus, if you do try it out, you get to keep all your progress if you end up buying the entire game.

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The future of IO Interactive remains both exciting and risky. They obviously remain dedicated to their best-known IP, as can be seen from updating the first season all the way to July 14, when the last Elusive Target, number 26, came out. Even Agent 47’s voice, David Bateson himself has pitched a potential new direction for Hitman, stating that it would interesting to see something similar to Pokemon Go, a game set in the real world. The players would use augmented reality in order to play out some scenarios similar to Hitman. If you ask us, it sounds damn interesting. Perhaps they should give the man another role in the franchise.

What do you think of the future of Hitman? Are you excited that IO went indie or you think this might spell the end for the Danish developer? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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