PUBG Early Access Week 15 Update Brings Southeast Asia Server

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battleground update is now live on the test servers, and if everything goes well, it will go live on Thursday, July 6. The new features implemented in this update include better client performance through an improved UI performance, various bug fixes, and a new server located in Southeast Asia.

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PUBG Early Access Week 15 Update Brings Up South East Asia Server
PUBG Early Access Week 15 Update Brings Up South East Asia Server

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Early Access Week 15 Patch Notes

After the South American and Oceanic servers, the new update brought a much-needed Southeast Asia one. The current Asia server is located in Seoul, Korea and it made quite a bit of a lag for players that live further away.

The location of the new Southeast Asia server is not listed in the weekly update notes, but it’s presumably located in Singapore, as the only Amazon Webservices are located in this city. PUBG is using their servers to run the game. There is a lot of players asking for a South African server, as the game is popular almost everywhere.


  • Added SEA (Southeast Asia) server

Client Performance

  • Improved UI performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused a character to walk through gas station wall.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a character to stand on top of a tunnel after getting out of motorbike inside of a tunnel.
  • You can no longer get out of a vehicle if the vehicle is blocked all the way around.
  • Fixed a bug that made a teammate’s weapon invisible in spectator mode.
  • Fixed an issue of the scope crosshair appearing blurry when post-processing quality is set to high.
  • Adjusted GROZA rail to better fit Holographic Sight and Red Dot Sight.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ammo not to drop after dropping Extended Mag with full Backpack.
  • Vehicle tire effects will change immediately when the vehicle is on a different type of ground.

If you are craving new content, you’ll be pleased to know that after the recent Week 13 and Month 3 updates, we’ve been able to see the first glimpse of the new desert map. The two pictures show us the setting of the upcoming Peru map. There is a hidden bicycle in one of them, so maybe will be able to ride it.

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