Quake Champions is starting a closed beta

It has been a while, more precisely, since 2007 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Competitive arena shooting will once again arrive from the hands of the grandfathers of the genre – id Software. They are joined in this effort by Saber Interactive, responsible for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo Online. Quake Champions is prepping up for a closed beta, although no date has yet been set.

The announcement for the game first came during E3 2016. There has been no new info from either Bethesda or id concerning the price, but it is expected that the game will already be playable at PAX East this weekend. Players will be able to sign up for the closed beta there as well.

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Quake Champions promises the combination of dark Quake I mythology and the multiplayer nuthouse of skill called Quake III Arena. The teaser for the beta shows some gaming reminiscent of earlier id competitive titles, along with the sign “The Arena calls”. What is known about the game is that it should be heavily focused on skill, regardless of the “Champions” from the title. The differences between the characters will consist of unique abilities. Some characters will be able to turn invisible, see through walls, or even teleport.

Id Software showed the world that they mean business with the brilliant Doom 2016. Arguably, this time their job will be even more difficult. The playing field is full of high-profile titles developed by old hands, as well as free-to-play games with sizable audiences.

If you are itchy, you can try your hand at applying for the closed beta. The website will also give you more details about the development of Quake Champions, the arenas, weapons and Champions themselves.

Don’t worry, we will keep an eye on the development of this potentially killer game.

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