For Honor players down by 50 percent on Steam

It would appear that the “curse” of Ubisoft online coop games is continuing. Much like The Division, For Honor shows signs of serious dwindling of player numbers, which are down by more than 50 percent on Steam.

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for honor new heroes
Will the leaked new heroes bring the players back to For Honor?

Now, it should be noted that the PC version of the game had more bugs and server problems than the console versions in the beginning, but the numbers were high, up to 46,000 players active at the same time in the first days. Today, those numbers are in the low 20s or even below that. Perhaps the people did not expect the depth of combat that is present in For Honor. There is also the chance that releases of Horizon: Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have caused it. Those two games have certainly been hyped and praised, however, they are console exclusives, so it’s unsure if they could cause such drops in the number of PC players in For Honor.

Be that as it may, Ubisoft has a serious issue on their hands. Their players seem to quickly tire of their online experiences. The process of getting the players back is a slog, a slow and tiresome process. The Division has succeeded somewhat after several months of trying to win back the original players, but numbers are still down in the dumps in comparison.

For Honor has a DLC plan set out, launching six new heroes post launch. Yesterday’s leak has shown that these will probably be a centurion and a ninja.

Although it is sad to see players leave the game so quickly after launch, it might turn out OK if the remaining core of players are enjoying it and actively participating. A moderately-sized healthy community is always better than an unruly mob.