Latest Quake Champions trailer showcases Slash, the roller queen

Quake Champions reminded everyone what fast and skill-based gameplay is like in yesterday’s trailer, showing id Software’s e-sports manager, John Hill, first dying to enemies than coming back big style. With the closed beta launching tomorrow, it is time to showcase another Champion, Slash.

Today’s reveal is Slash, the Roller Queen. She has the elegant Crouch Slide to get you out of trouble as a passive skill, allowing her to twist, twirl and dance through the arena, making her harder to hit. Her active skill is the Plasma Trail, a glowing path behind her that damages those who touch it. Oh, and she’s a hard drug user. Ain’t that edgy! She will also feature in the closed beta.

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Bethesda is doing a nice little reveal for every Champion. So far, the reveal has shown us Scalebearer, Galactic Warlord who is a real heavy hitter. His Bull Rush active ability will let you charge the enemies head on, and his passive skill is that he is..well, a heavyweight.

Nyx is something called a Fathom Agent and she can evade danger with her Ghost Walk ability, while wall jump is her passive ability. As Bethesda says: “If sly and stealthy is more your thing, you might find yourself gravitating toward Nyx, whose active ability lets her sidestep danger and plan a careful attack”.

Anarki is so punk that he is actually transhuman punk! He has his faithful hoverboard, which means he can do stuff in mid-air that the others cannot, while at the same time he can heal himself with the health injection, which is his active ability.

As said above, the closed beta starts for the lucky ones tomorrow. Those who are visiting QuakeCon may actually join the tournament, for which you need to qualify in the Bring-Your-Own-Computer arena.

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