Quake Champions gameplay trailer is short and full of adrenaline

We have recently announced the Quake Champions closed beta. At the time there was no real date involved, but the official Twitter has spoken – April 6 is the day that beta kicks off! To celebrate this, the developers have come out with a frenzy filled gameplay trailer.

id Software are working on this title together with Saber Interactive, of Halo: Master Chief Collection and Halo Online fame. The game was first announced on E3 2016 and it was playable at PAX East a few weeks back. The game will feature a combo of Quake 1’s dark mythos and Quake III Arena’s merciless multiplayer. The “Champions” will represent different characters with different abilities, such as turning invisible, seeing through walls, or teleporting. However, it will all rest on your quick hand-eye coordination and skill.

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The trailer shows id Software’s esports manager John Hill under the nickname ZeRo4. We follow his rise from the ashes, as he goes from his death to a Phoenix-like rise to the stars, killing everyone in sight, more than once. The short gameplay overview should get you hooked if you are a fan of this kind of shooter.

If you think you are good enough, soon after the closed beta start on April 6, the tickets will start selling for Quakecon 2017 on April 13. In order to qualify for the Duel portion of the first tournament for Quake Champions at Quakecon, you will first need to get through the grueling qualifier in the Bring-Your-Own-Computer area. Sounds like fun!

id Software had a big comeback in 2016 with Doom 2016, and now they are aiming to reclaim the throne of competitive first person shooters. The job might prove too difficult among today’s competition, but the trailer shows they know what they are doing. We will keep you posted on any future news.

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