Unknown 9 Is a Game, But Also a Podcast, Novel & Comic Book

Unknown 9: Awakening, a third person action adventure game about a girl with superpowers, was just announced by Montreal-based Reflector Entertainment. It’s all about her struggle to understand her abilities and figure out what’s the deal with those pesky visions of death she keeps having. Oh, and a mysterious hidden dimension, there’s that too. There’s always a mysterious hidden dimension.

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Unknown 9 Is a Game, But Also a Podcast, Novel & Comic Book

According to Alexandre Amancio, Reflector’s CEO, the game is a “passion project being undertaken by a small team of industry veterans that want to do things differently”. Doing things differently, in this case, means setting up an entire franchise without having a single product to anchor it in. Yes, they’ve planned out an entire “content ecosystem” that consists of a podcast, a trilogy of novels, a comic book and an ARG, all taking place in the same universe. They also call it a “storyworld”, which somehow manages to be even more obnoxious than “content ecosystem”.

It’s not like Marvel’s movie universe, in which you absolutely have to watch every single movie if you want to have even the slightest chance of knowing who’s who and what is happening. No, Unknown 9 is actually going to be reasonable – all of the “content offerings” will be “standalone products”, but playing through Unknown 9: Awakening, reading Unknown 9: Genesis and Unknown 9: Torment, and listening to Unknown 9: Out of Sight will be more rewarding than simply consuming any single one on its own.

Ah, but we also mentioned an ARG, didn’t we? Unknown 9: Chapters is the only piece of this “storyworld” that’s available at this time, so if this sounds like something you’d like to cover your taste buds with, the ARG is the only thing you’ve got until 2021, which is when Unknown 9: Awakening is supposed to launch. That’s the game one.

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