Scorn developer teases a new trailer

The first trailer for Scorn took the audience by the scruff of their neck and threw them into a nightmarish cauldron from which, like arms and legs in a witches’ broth, various influences poke at our eye and imagination, from Lynch, to Giger, to Beksiński. The game has been successfully Greenlit and Humble Bundle included it in its debut publishing lineup. Ebb Software is currently working on their second trailer, which will contain actual gameplay.

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The game in question will be an atmospheric FPS set in a nightmare-like world, with different regions connected in a non-linear way. The developers say that the environment will be a character in itself, with the intention clearly seen from the trailer. The game will also work as a more classic kind of game, with skill sets, weapons, and items strewn in the weird world around you, and uniquely shaped. Another thing that the developers are insisting on is that the inventory and ammo is defined and limited. Players need to think carefully whether they want to fight or sneak and different ways of playing will be needed to succeed.

With the new trailer being impatiently awaited by the fans, Scorn developers are trying to improve upon the initial response, which was overwhelmingly positive.

“Since the reactions to our first trailer were so positive we decided to give the upcoming gameplay trailer some more time to really shine. Second impression may be even more important than the first one so we want to make it great, not just good enough. Unfortunately that means you will have to wait some more for the gameplay trailer but here are a couple of screenshots from it just to get your imagination going.”

You can see the teased images below, inundated with the atmosphere that many gamers are very much looking forward to.