Shakedown: Hawaii Reveal Trailer Released

Shakedown: Hawaii is the upcoming game from the developers behind Retro City Rampage. It’s a similar affair, but with a twist – you’ll have to manage your criminal empire between bouts of running and gunning. It has just been revealed, and there’s a fancy trailer to show you what it’s all about.

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shakedown hawaii trailer
Shakedown: Hawaii reveal trailer

You’ll get to play the role of a middle-aged entrepreneur set on conquering the islands. You’ll run down pedestrians with your purple sports car, shoot rockets at the police, and generally make life miserable for the islanders. But that is just a means to an end – your true goal will be to expand your legitimate business, stretching the word “legitimate” as far as it’ll go, and then a bit further.

There’s a whole economic meta-game going on in the background, where you buy shady loan car services, build shopping malls, burn down your competitors to get their lots cheap, produce testosterone pills with cut with baby powder, and so on.

Retro City Rampage was a great reminder what made top-down GTA feel good. But it was also lacking, by today’s standards, since it was pretty bare-bones. It was all about running over pedestrians. Shakedown: Hawaii seems to want to expand on that, and what better way to do it than letting you build on the foundation you make when you indiscriminately slaughter an entier neighborhood?

Although there’s no word of a release date yet, we know that Shakedown: Hawaii is going to launch on PC, Playstation 4, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS and the Switch. There’s no mention of other platforms at this point, but since RCR was released on pretty much every console ever made, the list might expand later. The video seems to suggest that the Playstation consoles will get a physical release as well, but we’re not sure.

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