Sniper Elite 4 Errors & Problems - How to Solve Them

Sniper Elite 4, like most games, has its share of issues and problems. A lot of players have been experiencing crashes, installation errors, freezing, and even missing pre-order items. Fortunately, some of these problems are just a few clicks to fix. Some of them, however, will stay until developers fix them. Inn this guide, we’ll show you a list of Sniper Elite 4 problems & errors, how to fix them or avoid them completely.

Errors and Problems in Sniper Elite 4
Sniper Elite 4 Problems and Errors

Sniper Elite 4 Not Starting Error

If the game won’t start, there might be several fixes for the issue. First off, it might have been an installation error. Try uninstalling, then reinstalling the game. Make sure that you disable any antivirus you may be using during the process, because they will sometimes mistakenly erase files. Also, check if you have enough memory for the game to install.

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If this fails, you can attempt to run the game as an administrator. Experiment with different compatibility modes, one of them might work.

Sniper Elite Won’t Launch on Steam

If the issue is with Steam, try exiting the client completely. Start up the Task Manager and close Steam.exe. Then, restart Steam and try to run the game again. If this fails, right-click the game in your Library. Head to Properties, then Local Files. Click on Verify Integrity of Game Files. You can take it from there.

Low FPS, Freezing, Screen Flickering in Sniper Elite 4

All of these problems might have a common cause. Naturally, this means that there’s several fixes and workarounds you can try out. First, make sure your Nvidia or AMD drivers are up to date. If they are, and the game still doesn’t work properly, there might be some program working in the background that’s consuming too much CPU. Open the Task Manager and close any such programs.

If that didn’t work, the answer may still be twofold. First, try going into the Settings and switching form DirectX 12 to DirectX 11. DX 12 has been causing some games to run terribly. Hopefully, they’ll fix that on their end soon. Until then, you might have to stick to DX 11.

However, it might not be any of the above. In that case, your setup might not be able to handle Sniper Elite 4. Fortunately, you can probably sidestep this easily. Turn off anti-aliasing and lower post-processing. This won’t affect the game’s look much, but it should perform better.

Installation Problems with Sniper Elite 4

Just like we’ve mentioned above, something might have gone wrong with the installation. Check if you have enough memory to install the game. If you do, try reinstalling the game with the antivirus tuned off to avoid files getting deleted. Also, make sure that your Internet connection is stable, because that can often disrupt the download and the installation.

SniperElite4_DX11.exe Has Stopped Working Error Message

More DirectX hijinks. Some of Nvidia’s Ready Game Files don’t gel to well with the game. You might have to roll back to a previous driver. To do so, head to Device Manager in the Control Panel (or System). Expand the Display Adapters menu and look for Open NVIDIA GPU. Go to the Driver tab and select Roll Back Driver.

Using Binoculars Crashes Sniper Elite 4

A few people have reported problems with using binoculars in Sniper Elite 4. More specifically, it crashes the game at various points. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive fix, but one workaround is to disable DirectX12 in the Graphics menu. It seems that DirectX12 has been causing a lot of mayhem with this game.

Pre-order items missing in Sniper Elite 4

The pre-order bonuses were straight-up missing for some players. Fortunately, it seems that the problem has been fixed. If you’ve pre-ordered the game, especially the Deluxe edition, you’ll get your bonuses. Just run the latest update for the game, and all of your stuff should be available to you. Keep in mind, you might not be able to use DLC guns nor their skins until they become available for everyone.

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  1. G

    I’m playing coop with a friend and we can sometimes (often) see each others x-ray cams. And sometimes it’s when one of us is about to line up a shot of our own. Multiplayer x-ray cams are disabled for both of us, but we still see them. Anyone else had/having this issue?

  2. P

    Started next campaign and have no weapons and won’t let me select, perfect on previous game ?????

    1. T

      I’ve lost all my weapons there’s nothing empty-handed where are my weapons

    2. T

      i have the same issue. I played Sniper Elite 3 with no problems at all.. then on Sniper Elite 4, NONE of the controller buttons WORK in the campaign. They only work in the Tutorial.

    3. A

      So I can play sniper elite 4 but I join my friend and every time my friend starts the game it says he disconnected and I’m left in the lobby when he goes into his game. What do I do to fix this?

  3. P

    Wow. Sony has really dropped the ball, I can not play the game I bought as the update is downloaded but will not install. I am done with Sony ps.

  4. B

    DX12 mode doesn’t even work right for me, it’s as if it sets low quality graphics mode. 11 runs great.

  5. R

    I have to verify integrity of files and restart my computer every time I play SE 4. Surely this can’t be right.

    1. J

      I know this comment is kind of old but for anyone else having the same issue. I had the same problem with Borderlands TPS and SE4 after buying the DLC. You will have to uninstall and redownload the entire game and DLC If you haven’t backed up the install files.
      What I’d like to know is why half of the commands don’t work without explanation. You can not zoom the binoculars in and out. You have to play rounds in the random zoom setting it started with. Max zoomed in too bad it will take you 10 min to find your target. I hear it’s a feature, not a bug. Like the South Park game’s inability to give feedback for the defense maneuver making the game unplayable. Bonus you don’t find this out until after the two-hour mark so you can’t return it.

  6. S

    Awesome post to solve all problems in Sniper Elite 4. Thanks for sharing such tricks to fix errors.

  7. S
    Stan Ellsworth

    I’m having the same problem as Tim. Aside from movement controls; no other player action controls will respond outside of tutorial.

  8. L
    Lance Slaughter

    The only controls that work, in game , are the directional.. is there a fix?

  9. D
    Dan skelton

    My scope is not working all I see is the cross hairs I cant hold breath to take aim somebody help.

  10. D
    david a wolfram

    Anyone else have this problem?? When I pull L2 to aim I move forward. Sometimes I can flick the left stick back to make the movement stop but not always. So far Rebellion support has had me reset the controller, restore the licenses and rebuild my database with no success. They have no more ideas.

  11. U

    I got this on PS4 free but cannot play as it will only move, no other controls work in game only on shooting range! gave up !

  12. P
    Piron daniel

    I can’t play anymore sniper elite 4 Multiplayer , on ps4 screen apear “ the connectio to the Game tinde out (12011), can someone help me with this problem ?

  13. I

    I can’t play with my friend on SE4 every time we’re in a lobby and he starts the game it says he disconnected and I get put in my own lobby

  14. P
    Perry Buckner

    In authentic mode part way thru deathstorm 2 I lost all of the info I normally get from tagging. Even tagging enemies. I can still tag them, but I get zero info displayed! Please advise!

  15. J

    Played sniper elite for couple of hours, now won’t load. Begins to then just reverts back to menu on oculus?

  16. P

    I play on Nintendo and on the first mission when it tells me to click and hold L to bring out your gun it doesn’t let me do that

  17. B

    I have a strange problem. PC with DX11 only moving around with the character works. I can not get a weapon in his hands?

  18. H
    hosein amani

    The game runs for me, but it doesn’t display the radar and items, zoom doesn’t work either

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