Stardew Valley New Beta Content Slams You For Dating Everyone

There’s a new “event” in the single-player mode of Stardew Valley. It’s a part of the new beta content, along with the multiplayer and other stuff. What this new “event” does is essentially punish you for dating several NPCs at the same time. A weird choice by the developers, but interesting nonetheless.

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Stardew Valley New Beta Content Slams You For Dating Everyone
Stardew Valley New Beta Content Slams You For Dating Everyone (image via Reddit user Subarru)

The creator of Stardew Valley has been teasing the upcoming multiplayer mode and a ton of new content for the single-player “campaign”. And, all that content is now in the game, albeit in beta. We’ve written before about the multiplayer mode in Stardew Valley. However, there’s still a lot of stuff in the single-player. Among other stuff, Reddit has discovered that the game will now punish you for romancing several characters at the same time. You can see as much in the image above, from the Reddit user Subarru.

So basically, if you’re not familiar with Stardew Valley, the game allows you to romance certain characters depending on your danger. Ultimately, you get the option to marry your sweetheart of choice. The measure of how much a character likes you are hearts, which go up to ten. And, until recently, you could romance all characters up to ten. You can still do that, but Stardew Valley will now basically punish you for dating around. If you’re not married, and have dated everybody up to ten, eventually, they’ll gang up on you and collectively dump you.

Not only that, but they’ll immediately start acting a lot colder to you. Needless to say, this will make your life in Pelican Town way more difficult. This new event is a pretty interesting choice on the part of the developers. Stardew Valley has always gotten praise for being very representative. That being the case, some people have been wondering why the game would punish you for having several partners. We’ll see how this whole thing develops along the life cycle of the beta.

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