Steam Star Wars Day Sale Offers Discounts on Many Games & Bundles

Steam has jumped onto the Star Wars Day sale boat. You can now pick up a slew of Star Wars games on discount, both individually and in bundles of varying sizes. You can pick up Knights of the Old Republic I and II, The Force Unleashed, Lego Star Wars, Battlefront II (the old one) and many others, as well as the Jedi Knight Bundle, X-Wing Bundle, and the Star Wars Complete Collection.

Steam Star Wars Day Sale Offers Discounts on Many Games & Bundles
Steam Star Wars Day Sale Offers Discounts on Many Games & Bundles

Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, is arguably one of the most important pop culture holidays established by a person with a speech impediment. A lot of companies do a little something for the occasion, and gaming is no exception. We’ve written recently about the Star Wars Day sale. Now, we have a new guest at the party with the Steam Star Wars sale.

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As you’d expect, there’s a lot of pretty great discounts. A lot of games are about 75% off, such as Knights of the Old Republic I and II and both The Force Unleashed games. You can also pick up several Lego Star Wars games, including The Complete Saga and The Force Awakens. And, while we’re waiting for the new Battlefront II, you can buy the first Battlefront II at a discount now.

Of course, the best deals are, as always, the bundles. You can pick up the Jedi Knight Bundle for $5, which features Jedi Academy, Dark Forces, and other Jedi Knight titles. The second one is the X-Wing Bundle, which features four X-Wing titles and the TIE Fighter Special Edition. Finally, the ultimate prize is the Star Wars Complete Collection, which contains a whopping twenty-four games for a little over $18.

The Steam Star Wars Day sale lasts until May 8th. If you’re interested in getting some of these games, either individually or in bundle, head over to Steam. And, you know, May the Fourth be with you!

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