Steam Summer Game Festival Brings Tons Of Game Demos And Other Content

Valve has just launched its Steam Summer Game Festival, teeming with game demos, developer interviews, live events, and more. The festival takes place online on Steam and will last until June 22. You can access all of the content by visiting the Festival’s main page. The most important part of the event, video game demos, are present in huge numbers. You have a ton of indie games to check out but we’ve noticed that not all titles listed have playable demos. Maybe they’ll get them later or maybe Valve put them under the “demos” section by accident but you cannot (at least at the moment) play demos of some major upcoming indie titles such as Everspace 2 or Ghostrunner.

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Steam Summer Game Festival Includes Demos For Superliminal, Hellbound, And More

Steam Summer Game Festival

Out of the games that indeed have playable demos, there are some interesting titles. Hellbound, for instance, is an old-school shooter with adrenaline-infusing gameplay and retro looks. Then we have Superliminal, a brilliant but short puzzle game that messes up with your visual perception. The game arrives on Steam in November, after its Epic Games Store exclusivity period runs out.

Spirit Fairer is a cute game about managing spirits of the deceased on your upgradable boat. Red Solstice 2: Survivors is the sequel of a pretty good top-down squad-based action title. Then you have a demo for Iron Harvest, an enormously cool RTS game filled with Steampunk mechs. You also have a demo for Desperados 3, a hot new strategy game in the vein of Commandos.

Aside from playing tons of demos, you can enjoy Steam Summer Games Festival’s other content. Many developers hold live streams that are taking place every hour. There are also developer interviews as well as broadcasts showcasing games featured at the festival. Finally, you can ask questions to various developers yourself in one of many live Q&A events.


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