Grab The Witcher 3 For Free From GOG If You Own It On Any Other Platform

The Witcher 3 is, for many, the best RPG of this generation and among the best games of the generation. The immense world combined with superb storytelling, believable worldbuilding, and a cast of unique characters made the game a perfect ending of the epic trilogy. If you happen to own the game on any platform other than GOG you can grab a free copy provided by GOG.

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The Witcher 3 Free GOG Copy Has Certain Benefits

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Now, you might wonder why anyone would get a game they already own again. Well, for starters console gamers who own a decent gaming PC can get The Witcher 3 for PC free of charge. This allows them to play the ultimate version of the game running at 60fps and featuring noticeably improved visuals over the console version. This could be great if you own the game on the Switch and have a PC powerful enough to run it in all its glory.

Those owning the game on PC on Steam or Epic Game Store can get the GOG copy, which is the only way to get a DRM-free version of The Witcher 3. If you don’t have a GOG account, you’ll have to create one before claiming the game. Then, download GOG Galaxy 2.0 and let it install.  Next, run GOG Galaxy 2.0 and link the platform you own the game on. After that, you should receive the game on your GOG account, which will show in GOG Galaxy 2.0 launcher. GOG Galaxy 2.0 is a game launcher that supports linking other gaming store accounts such as Steam, UPlay, and others. You can then use it to play all your PC games from one place.

The GOG version of the game won’t include your save games (duh) but it will transfer other progress stats, such as achievements and playtime. The offer is limited in time. You can grab the free copy of the game until June 23rd at 11 AM UTC.




  1. B

    This does not work.. I did everything.. linked my account and the GOG program tells me to play it on Xbox.. well duh I can already do that.

    1. J

      Dude, the article clearly says: “The offer is limited in time. You can grab the free copy of the game until June 23rd at 11 AM UTC.”

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