Strafe collector’s edition is going full 90s

Future in the past is one of the ways to explain Pixel Titan’s Strafe. The FPS is an homage to the age of Doom and Quake, with a slick modern representation that still fits the style. The special editions are something else, bringing a brazen dash of tongue-in-cheek 90s.

There is the Throwback collector’s edition, featuring a commemorative floppy disk, the cassette-based OST of the game, ten Strafe pogs (well, that should keep Jim Sterling happy), some stickers and a lapel pin. For those who prefer their sound more on vinyl, a two-disc vinyl record can be bundled with the digital copy of the game, while there is a limited print of the 300 special editions which will be printed and put on sale. Pre-orders, whether on Steam or of the physical edition nets you a special weapon dubbed VV-1N, which will, in the words of the publisher “change the face of exclusive in-game preorder bonuses forever”. We must agree that this is very true, especially if you check out the trailer for it above.

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Strafe is a product of a successful Kickstare campain which reached $207,000 of its $185,000 goal. Although a lot of the marketing of the game has been very funny and tongue-in-cheek, the developers have often pointed out that Strafe is not “funny” but “balls-to-the-wall straight-up action game”. We will have to take their word for it, since the parody of over-the-top video game marketing that they have done (and are still doing) is brilliant, especially if you remember all this stuff from the 90s.

Strafe is approaching its release date, which is May 9. The game is coming out on Steam, with the price tag of $19.96/£14.99. Remains to be seen when it will be out for Nintendo 64 or Sega Dreamcast.

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