Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fastest-Selling Nintendo Game in Europe

According to Nintendo UK’s Twitter, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is now the fastest-selling Nintendo home console game in Europe. The game is doing incredibly well, selling significantly more than the previous Super Smash on the Wii-U. Plus, it’s did better in its first weekend than Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon Let’s Go.

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fastest-Selling Nintendo Game in Europe
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fastest-Selling Nintendo Game in Europe

Any release of a new Nintendo first-party game is pretty much a guaranteed success. The only question is just how successful said game is going to be. Well, it seems that the new Super Smash is currently taking the cake. According to Eurogamer, the game’s sales have gone up by a staggering 300% compared to its predecessor on the Wii-U. Although, one can’t really compare the Wii-U and the Switch, I suppose; the latter being markedly more popular than the former. Still, though, that’s quite the jump.

However, even compared to Nintendo’s recent releases, it’s doing amazingly well; at least, as far as physical sales go. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold more copies than Breath of the Wild, Odyssey, and both versions of Pokemon Let’s Go in its first weekend. That’s impressive no matter how you slice it. These figures don’t include digital downloads, but I’m willing to bet that those are going fast, too. As a result of such great sales, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has become Nintendo’s fastest-selling home console game in Europe. This info comes straight from the horse’s mouth; the Nintendo UK Twitter, to be exact.

So, I guess congratulations are in order to Nintendo here. Smash is always a hit, no matter what platform it comes out for. However, breaking your own record is always an amazing feat. And, it seems that they knew exactly what their audience was thirsty for. Plus, they launched it right before the holiday season, which I’m sure only helped the sales out further. Anyway, for all of you that have bought Super Smash Bros Ultimate, enjoy wrecking shop!

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