Destiny 2 How to Open Butterfly Lock - Mysterious Box Exotic Quest

Butterfly lock is one of four locks on the Mysterious Box in Destiny 2. It’s part of a Black Armory exotic quest, which involves getting four keys from different forges, and opening up a box which presumably contains an exotic weapon. If you’ve been keeping up with the new DLC, you’ve probably already opened the fishhook and hand locks. Since the Izanami forge has been released yesterday, you can now open the third one as well. If you’ve been wondering about the third lock, this guide will show you how to open butterfly lock in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 how to open butterfly lock
Destiny 2 How to Open Butterfly Lock – Mysterious Box Exotic Quest

Butterfly lock key

First off, you’ll have to gain access to the fabled Izanami Forge. There’s a long quest chain that gives you access to the new activity, similar to the ones for the Volundr and Gofannon forges. If you want info on the best places to farm the required enemies, check out our guide on how to access Izanami forge.

Once you have access to the new Nessus forge, you can start working on getting that butterfly lock key. In order to get it, you’ll have to do the exact same thing you did for the previous ones. Start the Izanami forge activity, and clear the first wave of enemies. In the lull between the two rounds, two shield drones will appear in specific places around the arena. You’ll recognize them by the blue glow. Simply shoot them both down, and you’ll get a buff called Maximum Temper.

Afterwards, continue playing the activity like usual. Once you’ve cleared the second wave and defeated the boss, go to the middle of the arena and look for a Black Armory crate. Open it, and you’ll get a Black Armory Key. Find it in your inventory and use it – this will mark the butterfly lock as opened.

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