Destiny 2 Izanami Forge - How to Unlock Black Armory Activity

Izanami Forge is an activity in Destiny 2. It’s the latest part of Black Armory, the new expansion, and it consists of a long quest chain that leads up to the activity itself, as well as a bunch of fancy new items. Like the two forges before it, the quest is long and kinda tedious, and a lot of people are looking for ways to complete it quickly. This guide will show you how to unlock Izanami Forge in Destiny 2, where to find Vex minotaurs and how to start heroic public events.

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destiny 2 izanami forge
Izanami Forge – How to Unlock Black Armory Activity

How to start Izanami forge quest?

In order to start the quest, you’ll have to go to Nessus and murder Vex indiscriminately until you get a particular drop. It’s called the Vex Transponder, and depending on your luck you might get it in the first few minutes, or you might spend the better part of an hour farming. Our suggestion would be to try the lost sectors first, as they’re the most densely populated areas.

How to start Spire Integration heroic public event?

Once you’ve got the quest, your first step will require you to kill 100 Vex – just keep on clearing the lost sectors, that is hands down the fastest way to complete it. Then you’ll have to finish the Spire Integration heroic public event in the Hallows. In order to start the heroic, you’ll have to capture the plates that appear around the spire, while stopping the Vex from rushing it.

Where to find Vex minotaurs?

There’s no quick and easy way to do this one. You’ll just have to look for minotaurs all over Nessus. There’s one that spawns left of the Artifact’s Edge landing point, and another one at the bottom of the pit in the Hallows. Some lost sectors have them, as well, so just keep moving and mowing down anything bigger than a goblin.

How to start heroic Glimmer Extraction & Witches’ Ritual?

This step requires you to complete heroic versions of three public events – Fallen Glimmer Extraction, Witches’ Ritual and Spire Intregration. You aren’t tied to Nessus for this one, but we’ve already mentioned where to find and how to start the last one above.

You can do the Glimmer Extraction either on EDZ or at The Tangle at Nessus. In order to start the heroic version, you’ll need to destroy a small machine found near each drill before you deal with the enemies. As for the Witches’ Ritual, you can do that one only on Titan, on the eastern platform. For the heroic version, you’ll have to stand on the green plates on both sides of the portal and shoot the crystals on its sides when they stop being immune.

Where to find Taken Blights on Io?

After getting a handful of Fallen precision kills (which you can farm at the EDZ), you’ll get a step that requires you to destroy Taken Blights on Io. Since the whole planet is overrun by Taken, there will be many opportunities for this, but the best choice are, as always, lost sectors. There’s one right next to the planetary vendor in the Rupture, and you can just run inside, ignore the enemies, destroy it then teleport outside and repeat. Complete a few more missions, the Volundr Forge, and a particularly difficult strike with no matchmaking, and you’ll get to ignite the new forge and start the activity.

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