The Swords of Ditto Extended Gameplay Shows The Beautiful World

The Swords of Ditto, the beautiful work of onebitbeyond, got an extended gameplay trailer. The thirteen-minute video shows the events from the start of the game, dungeons, puzzles and combat. Try not to get too hyped, as you’ll have to wait for a bit for this game to come out.

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At the start of a new game, the player finds himself on a beach. He’s woken up by a strange glowing flying creature named Puku. In order to start our adventure right, Puku tells us to follow the glowing sword marker to the Dittok Mount, the main town on the island. As this is both a solo and cooperative game, you can play with your friends from the very start. The game supports local co-op through shared/split screen.

The small, glowing sword marker that points you toward your objectives is necessary for new players. The vast number of main quests and secret side missions will make your head spin in all directions. They also help out during your adventures through many dungeons, dark caverns and deep wells.

The first main objective takes you to the main town statue. Once you pick up your legendary gear and suit up in your new outfit, the fully functional UI pops out. Puku informs us that we are a once-in-a-generation legendary hero, chosen to protect this fair land from the evil witch Mormo. In order to do so, we should check out Mormo’s lair.

The Swords of Ditto Extended Gameplay Shows The Beautiful World

At the start of the lair, we can notice how the combat works. It has some pretty funny details, like summoning a leg to stomp upon your enemies. Mormo shows up a bit later, and informs us about our future destiny. This is where the starting sequence ends.

The next part of the trailer takes off into the heart of the combat in an open field. The combat features enemies that hide in bushes, a heavily-equipped guard with a charge attack, some jumping stones, and more. What’s even more interesting is the death of a co-op player and the reviving technique shown here.

The dungeons that the heroes found themselves in are rather packed with puzzles with different solutions. In order to progress, you’ll need to make your way through the different parts of the dungeon, find keys and hidden items, solve mysteries, and more. There are even bosses at the end of these dungeons, like the cursed Yetu.

The Sword of Ditto got a reveal trailer back on E3. The game is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4 and PC in early 2018. It takes around 2 GB of space, and the PC minimum system requirements are nothing you’ll need to worry about.

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