Syberia 3 now has a story trailer

It has been 15 years since the release of the original Syberia and 13 since the launch of the sequel, Syberia II. Hailed for its graphics and design, the games were a return to a more classic point’n’click adventures of earlier times. Syberia III, on the other hand, suffered a troubled development cycle that basically started in 2009, but Benoit Sokal, the designer and writer behind the first two games was not on board officially until 2012. With the 2017 release date looming close, the team have put out a second trailer.

The trailer outlines the story and talks about the relationship between Kate Walker, the protagonist, and the Youkul tribe. Like the previous games, this title will also share in their world where art nouveau and steampunk fiction meet. The design remains recognizable, albeit it seems that the graphics will not be getting their accolades this time.

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Microïds issued a statement, and here is an overview:

Together, they [Kate Walker and the Youkol tribe] leave for a journey in the heart of Siberia to join the snow ostriches to their sacred lands and breeding site. An adventure punctuated by surprises, epic moments and encounters with strange characters, during which players become acquainted with Kate’s fellow travellers, such as Ayawaska – the shaman of the Youkol tribe, always tag teaming with her owl – Kurk – The spiritual guide of the Youkol – or Captain Obo – proud captain of the Krystal.

During this trip, Kate will also meet up with a long-time friend, very dear to her heart …

The enchanting music created by the composer Inon Zur perfectly illustrates the universe imagined by Benoit Sokal and the sublime mysterious atmosphere of this new trailer.

Syberia III will be out on April 20 in Europe and April 25 in North America, on PS4, Xbox One and PC, while the Switch version is apparently also in the works.

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