Mass Effect Andromeda takes UK top sales spot

Oh, Andromeda, how people wanted you to be the best game in the history of games. And how sad they were when they found out you have serious problems. Jokes aside, after reading about all the mixed reviews, it is somewhat weird to actually see the game top UK sales charts.

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mass effect andromeda gone gold
How many times do we have to ask for Krogan romance before Bioware listens?

Andromeda is having the third best launch this year, with the sales pretty much all on console (55% PS4, 41% Xbox One), while the first two belong to Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Horizon Zero Dawn (which also has the best launch for a new IP). However, Andromeda is trailing behind the launches of Mass Effect 2 and 3. On the one hand, this is weird as its the impatiently expected 4th game in the same franchise, while on the other, it is a completely new setting with new characters who have yet to create their own following and fans.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been some 5 years in the making and it has seemingly done everything right. The multiplayer works, the combat is probably the tightest in the series, even the companion app works properly. Unfortunately, there is the notorious facial and body animations issue which has born a thousand memes and many times more critical voices. At least, there is a wealth of options if you’re into romancing other characters. Both the male and female Ryder have choices between long-term relationships and one-offs, sometimes with the same characters. There is even a “Matchmaker” trophy for romancing three different characters. At least you don’t have to do it in one playthrough!

Andromeda has no season pass. The multiplayer updates are all free, bringing new characters, maps and weapons, as was the case with earlier games. There are (most probably) plans for future DLCs, but currently there is no new info on that. Bioware is probably working hard on fixing the existing game, or they might see the sales dwindle very fast.


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