The Medium Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay & Explains Concept

The developers of The Medium, Bloober Team, have released a new trailer for the game. In it, they show us some more gameplay footage (admittedly, not a lot), as well as explain what the medium’s job actually is. We get to see more of the two worlds interacting with each other, including the main character Marianne meeting ghosts and solving their problems in the dilapidated hotel.

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the medium trailer shows off more gameplay & explains concept
The Medium Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay & Explains Concept

So, what is the actual mission statement of Marianne the medium? Well, you’ll have to survive exploring the haunted hotel and helping various ghosts to cross over. Meanwhile, you’ll be uncovering the dark history of the hotel, in which some kind of huge, “unspeakable” tragedy took place. Speaking off, that terrible event brought forth an entity simply known as The Maw, whoch will be hinting you as you make your way through the building.

As for the gameplay, the hook of The Medium is the interplay between the regular world and the spirit world. It seems like the main focus of the game is to solve puzzles, and to do that, you sometimes have to jump from one realm to another. Turns out, if you change certain things in one world, it can open previously inaccessible areas in the other one. Those of you that have played Soul Reaver back in the day should immediately have your finger on the pulse of The Medium, I’d say.

Reminder: The Medium is coming out on Thursday, January 28th, on a fairly limited number of platforms. To be specific, you can only play it on PC (via the Microsoft store) and Xbox Series X/S. Unfortunately, everyone else is going to have to sit this one out. As for the new trailer, you can check it out below. It seems like it’s gonna be an interesting experience, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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