Hitman 3 A Matter of Guilt Challenge

A Matter of Guilt is one of the challenges in Hitman 3. It’s part of the Death in the Family mission, the one that takes place in Dartmoor. In order to complete it, you’ll have to uncover evidence that points towards the murder actually being a suicide, and present it to Alexa Carlisle. If you’re wondering which evidence that is, our Hitman 3 A Matter of Guilt guide will lead you through the process.

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hitman 3 a matter of guilt challenge
Hitman 3 A Matter of Guilt

How to complete A Matter of Guilt?

In order to complete the challenge, you have to find evidence that suggests Zachary actually took his own life, and tell Alexa it was a suicide after all. Once you’ve told her, the notification will pop up telling you that A Matter of Guilt has been completed.

The first thing you need to do is investigate Zachary’s room. There are six clues there:

  • His body
  • The bottle and glass on the table
  • His laptop, near the fireplace
  • The suicide note, also near the fireplace
  • The secret room accessed by pulling a suspicious book on the bookshelf
  • The mansion floor plan in the secret room

After you’ve cleared Zachary’s room, head into Emma & Gregory’s bedroom. You can break in using the lockpick or crowbar, or unlock it with the master key found in Mr. Fernsby’s office. As soon as you step in, turn right and you’ll see a walking cane with a bulldog on the handle.

Grab the cane and head into the library – the unmarked room on the same floor, to the south. Turn left when you enter, and look for a mysterious switch on the ground in front of the bookshelf. Use the cane on it and you’ll reveal another secret room. Inside, you’ll find an unopened letter from Montgomery Carlisle, the long-dead brother, in which he renounces the family fortune.

Talk to Mr Fernsby and he’ll lead you to Alexa’s office. Take a seat at the table, and when the time comes to choose, accuse Zachary. Once you’ve laid out the evidence, the challenge will be complete.

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