Thumper, the “rhythm violence” game coming to Switch in May

Thumper has already been out on PS4 and PC since late 2016. The rhythm game is famous for its unrelenting gameplay. People went as far as to call it “Dark Souls of rhythm games” which just shows that people will call anything “Dark Souls” as long as it has any semblance of difficulty. The Thumper’s simple control scheme is in contrast with its mechanic of sustaining only one or two hits (if you have a shield) before going back to the checkpoint.

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We already announced the game as part of the 64 indie titles coming to Switch in 2017. It will feature 720p/1080p graphics (depending whether you are using it in handheld or TV mode), both running at silky smooth 60 fps.

Steam overview says the following about the game:

  • Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.
  • Scream down the endless track and crash through punishing obstacles with simple, airtight controls. Hurtle forward, master new moves, reach overwhelming velocities, and survive epic boss battles. Every crushing impact is interwoven with a pounding original soundtrack. To reach synesthetic bliss, you must go through rhythm hell.
  • Nine levels of Rhythm Hell
  • Adrenalizing Boss Battles, including the terrifying Crakhed
  • Simple Controls: one stick and one button
  • Psychedelic Visuals
  • Original Soundtrack by Brian Gibson of noise-rock band Lightning Bolt
  • The game also has VR support, which might seem weird for a rhythm game, but the combination of trippy visuals and music are a solid base for simple, yet effective VR. The gameplay also requires you to turn against curved walls, or jump over obstacles, even defeat enemies, with the point of view just behind the player character, which is a beetle. This means that the fast scrolling speed is even more emphasized, especially in VR.

    Thumper will be out on Switch on May 18.


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