Could Destiny 2 on PC actually be an Xbox Play Anywhere title?

There’s quite a few things known about Destiny 2 at this point, however, there has been no official Steam confirmation, nor has it appeared on the store as it has on PSN and Xbox Live. This has brought, what else, but more speculation!

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When a game of this magnitude comes to a new platform where it had been feverishly expected for years now, it is no wonder that it causes some turmoil and that people want as much info as they can get, as soon as possible. At this moment the PC version remains the most mysterious. However, the gameplay reveal which was announced for May 18 will show only PS4 and PC footage. Now, this might seem a bit weird, why not Xbox One as well? The things complicate further, as Xbox’s “Major Nelson”, i.e. Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Lawrence Hryb, is also invited to the event.

The lack of any Steam confirmation might be due to Microsoft trying to get more “control” of Windows as a gaming platform. This coincides with the Windows 10 S coming out on Surface laptops, which apparently uses only Windows Store as a way to get apps and programs. And it would make a lot of sense for them to try and get a game as huge as Destiny be a Windows Store “exclusive” as much as one shudders at this possibility.

Activision as a publisher has a number of their titles on Steam and until May 18 there will be no official confirmation or denial of the speculations above. What we do know is that PS4 has early access to some of the features. Perhaps Microsoft managed to gain back some ground through a Play Anywhere cross-buy title for Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 will be out early September 2017, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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