Tower of Fantasy Beta Release Date & Pre Register

Tower of Fantasy is an upcoming open world game from Hotta Studio. There’s very little details about it, but it has managed to drum up a lot of interest. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic setting, and it looks like it’s going to be an MMO. There have been several beta tests, all of them only available in Chinese. Of course, there’s a distinct possibility it’s coming to the west as well, so here’s everything we know about Tower of Fantasy beta release date & pre registration.

tower of fantasy beta release date pre register
Tower of Fantasy Beta Release Date & Pre Register

Tower of Fantasy beta – when it starts and how to get in?

You can currently pre-register for a beta test of Tower of Fantasy via the Tower of Fantasy instagram account. There’s a link in their bio that allows you to express your interest in the beta. The form will be in Chinese, so you’ll have to use Google Translate to figure out what you’re supposed to put where. The next round is scheduled for April 15th.

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There have already been several rounds of beta, all in Chinese. It stands to reason the upcoming betas will also be in Chinese only, at least for the time beeing.

Tower of Fantasy Release Date

So far, we know it’s coming to mobile and PC. Other platforms haven’t been confirmed, so we have no idea what’s cooking when it comes to that. We also have no official confirmation of a western release – Chinese seems to be the only language the game will definitely be available in.

As for the release date, it’s supposed to launch in 2021. There hasn’t been an official announcement, but seeing how it’s been in beta for some time now, it’s safe to assume we’ll see it go live before the year is over.

If you haven’t seen Tower of Fantasy in action, it looks kinda similar to Genshin Impact. It has the cell-shaded anime look, it’s played from a third person perspective, there’s exploration and combat and according to the blurb, the story seems to play a central role in the game. If you find this game intriguing, you might want to check out Blue Protocol as well.

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  1. H

    Pls let me play this game earlier pls

  2. J

    Ainda não chegou para celular, cadê!???

  3. G
    Geovani Ramiro Tiago

    Não consigo me cadastrar

  4. J
    Jabree Yarboroughhendricks

    Why can’t you play on ps4 in why can we only preregister on tap tap in why can’t you you just put the app in play store like it does not even show up

    1. E

      You do realize this game is exclusive to china as of now and will later be released global. We should be grateful that we can play it all no matter the process, at least we don’t need a VPN like other games that aren’t in our countries. Releasing a early access version of the game would be problematic on the playstore because they would most likely have daily events planned for the players that they may not be able to add to the early access version as well as the lack of english in there game, which would also bring down there rating and make others not want to play. Stop complaning and do what everyone else doing to get early access to a wonderful game we will all have full access to in the future 🙂

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