Watch a Hydra Play With Its Food in The New Total Warhammer 2 Trailer

There’s a new trailer for Total War: Warhammer 2. It focuses on the War Hydra, the terrible beast you may have alreadya seen in the Dark Elves video. It’s a giant lizard with five heads that breathe fire, and an enthusiastic narrator will tell you all about it in this latest trailer. The talk is accompanied by concept art of the creature, some meshes and stuff, as well as a brief but brutal gameplay clip.

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total war warhammer 2 war hydra
Total Warhammer 2Hydra

The Dark Elves are a nasty kind, so it makes sense they’d tame other nasty things to do their bidding. Enter the War Hydra, a gigantic fire-breathing lizard with five heads. It’s kind of like a dragon, only with less wings and more heads. I don’t know whether that makes it better or worse. It certainly makes it more toothy.

If you want the poetic spiel, you should just watch the video – it contains phrases like “a flame spewing blur of snapping jaws attached to a colossal scaly frame”. If you just want the cold, hard facts, here’s what you should know: the Hydra can set things on fire, trample tiny little infantrymen with its feet, swipe groups away with its tail and chomp down on cocky heroes trying to take it one on one. It seems there isn’t much it can’t do, which makes us wonder how in the hell are we going to counter this thing?

What’s weird is that there isn’t a single speck of blood in the whole video, even though the Hydra has its fun with a bunch of Fancy Elves. It’s probably due to the age rating, and you could argue that Sega will probably release blood as a DLC – they’ve certainly done it before.

Total War: Warhammer 2 is going to be released on PC on September 28th.

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