Peebee’s loyalty mission in Mass Effect Andromeda – 17 minutes of it!

Asari are one of the fan favorites of the Mass Effect universe and it was only expected that they would be a member of the Tempest crew. Peebee always came off a bit childish in the pictures, and it is interesting to see that the voice acting does follow that. Here is a gameplay video from IGN, with narration explaining the tactical options at your disposal.

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The video follows female Ryder (femRyder? is that gonna become a thing?), Peebee and Drack, the Crogan as they are checking out a Remnant structure and also fighting against the forces of someone called Kolinda (?) who seem to be interested in the same site. The video does well to show off the things that need to be done to progress in the game (for example, scanning in order to find consoles that will open the door), as well as the variety of different options when it comes to fighting enemies.

What is interesting is that the video itself feels a little too scripted, as if they were going for a tutorial kind of feeling. It would make sense that this was done on purpose, since the game is about a month away from release, and this helps present what it has to offer, while keeping it spoiler-friendly.

It is interesting to note that the comments on the video are generally negative. There might be several reasons why this is, but Youtube hosts notoriously bad comments. This might be due to them being rarely moderated and relatively anonymous, so people feel free to say whatever they want, and it is a common fact that people who do not like something will shout it to the Moon, while those who do like something might settle for a quiet “Cheers”. You have been warned!

Mass Effect Andromeda is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 21st, 2017.