Nier Replicant Defeat Wild Boar - How to Kill it for Boar Hunt Quest

Boar Hunt is a side quest in Nier Replicant that requires you to defeat a wild boar in Northern Plains and this might prove very difficult. Wild boar hits like a truck and has a huge health pool. As I was fighting it I thought that I was doing something wrong. Maybe I have to do something first before I can kill the wild boar? Running around trying to avoid his insane charges did not make the process any easier. After a while I got a handle on the whole boar hunting thing and wanted to share a few tips with you. Read on to find out how to kill the wild boar in Nier Replicant Boar Hunt quest the easy way and unlock boar riding. Boar riding is amount mechanic in Nier Replicant similar to fast traveling in other games and that makes completing Boar Hunt quest very important.

Nier Replicant Defeat Wild Boar How to Kill it for Boar Hunt Quest

Nier Replicant Wild Boar Location

After you receive the quest from the old man at the entrance of the village you will have to go to the Northern Plains to locate the boar. Go east from the entrance into the Northern Plains. If you haven’t progressed the main quest too far there should be loads of small shades there. There’s also a wooden bridge you repaired earlier. Go past the shades and across the bridge. It is as if you are going towards the Aerie village. Close to the Aerie entrance and a bit to the north you should see a huge boar roaming the plain. That’s your target.

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How to Defeat the Wild Boar in Nier Replicant Boar Hunt Quest?

Brute force will not help and you have to use magic and a few tricks to kill the wild boar. HE has a nasty charge that takes a big chunk of your health. You’ll also notice that hitting him with your sword does not kill it as effectively as it did other critters in Northern Plains. As a matter of fact, you will spend minutes hitting it before you kill it. Juggling between avoiding his charges and try to land a few hits is almost impossible. The trick is to jump up on top of the large rock near its location. Wild boar will charge towards you and get knocked out when it hits the rock.

How to Defeat the Wild Boar in Nier Replicant Boar Hunt Quest

You can now hit him with your ranged magic attacks. Alternatively, you can do a jump attack and a few slashes the moment it gets knocked out. Be careful to jump back up on the rock quickly. It starts a new charge the moment it regains composure. This trick prevents you from dying. To kill it it will take at least a few minutes. It has a huge health pool. We recommend that you’re level 5 at least, before you attempt this quest.

Nier Replicant Mounts – How to Ride Boars

Once you defeat the wild boar you’ll get a boar tusk. This is the item you are supposed to return to the old man back in the village. Once you do this you’ll complete the Boar Hunt quest. The moment you do this you’ll also unlock boar riding. This means that the next time you visit Northern Plains there will be a boar laying left of the entrance. You can approach it and mount it. It allows you to travel very fast if you press your dodge button. It also rams through small enemies with ease. This will allow you to go past those small shades with no fear. Boar appears in other major regions at the entrance/exit in between regions.

This is a very useful and helpful mechanic that can make completing certain quests, like Fragile Delivery, a breeze. It also cuts down on running around time quite a bit. You can even use it to farm mutton from sheep and XP from small shades. Hope this helped you defeat the wild boar in Nier Replicant. If the text and screenshots weren’t enough check out our youtube video of the process.

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