Nier Replicant Missing Girl

Nier Replicant Missing Girl is a side quest in the desert city of Facade that requires you to go around the city interrogating certain NPCs to gather clues. It slowly evolves into a very strange murder mystery that slowly becomes weirder and weirder as it goes on. The quest is kinda tricky, because the game doesn’t tell you where you need to go and who to talk to. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

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nier replicant missing girl
Nier Replicant Missing Girl

How to Complete Missing Girl Nier Replicant Quest

To complete the Missing Girl quest in Nier Replicant, you have to talk to several NPCs around Facade. They will give you bits and pieces of the mystery, which only grows more and more bizarre as it goes on. The first NPC is in the northeast, the second one is near the king’s mansion, and the other two are also bunched up in the northeast. There’s also a blood stain you’ll have to examine. You can see a full step-by-step visual guide in our video below; the map will show you all the relevant places you need to visit.

missing girl quest nier replicant locations
Visit these places to complete the Missing Girl quest

Once you talk to all the relevant NPCs and examine the stain, the game will tell you to go and talk with the girl’s boyfriend, who is one of the guards standing at the entrance to the city. He’ll tell you to examine the sandspout, which is just outside the city, on the left. Examine it, then go back to the person that gave you the Nier Replicant Missing Girl quest. Things really start getting weird at that point.

how to complete missing girl nier replicant
Sandspout location

When the quest wraps up, you might be extremely confused as to what happened. You’re not the only one. However, I strongly advise against looking anything up. Just play through the game, beat it, and start over. As you keep playing, you’ll find out more about everything that’s actually happening in the world. That’s the nature of all Nier games. Trust the developers.

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