Nier Replicant Rusted Clump

Rusted Clump is a material you’ll need to upgrade some of your weapons to level three and four in Nier Replicant. When going for platinum trophy you’ll need to upgrade all of the weapons. You will need to obtain a minimum of nine and a maximum of twelve rusted clumps to have required materials for weapon upgrades. You need to upgrade 33 weapons to get the Forging Master achievement. These are obtained throughout the game, but there are five more you can get through 4 YoRHa DLC and you get a secret one for ending E. If you upgrade only the initial 33 you need 9 rusted clump, but if you want to upgrade all 44 you’ll then need 12. We’ll show you where to get Rusted Clump in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant Rusted Clump

How to Get Rusted Clump in Nier Replicant?

You will need to fish for Rusted Clump material in the Desert and Northern Plains. This is the only way to get it. For some unfathomable reason it likes when you use sardines or carp as bait. What you want to do is buy 40 carp from the Seafront tackle shop. Next, go to the desert and start fishing off the pier. You’ll be getting other junk items, but you also have a chance to get rusted clump. You can also try your luck with sardines as bait. If you don’t have any visit Seafront and then buy them from the shop. Fishing in Northern Plains, beneath the bridge that goes to Junk Heap, can also net you some Rusted Clump.

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If you’re trying only to get Rusted Clump you’ll go to Northern Plains with sardines. It drops more consistently there. However, if you go with carp to the desert you’ll have a chance to get some Rusty Bucket that is also used in weapon upgrades. Desert fishing nets less Rusted Clump. It all depends on whether you’re trying to upgrade just one of your weapons or you’re gunning for the platinum

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    I caught 15 within 5 minutes at the Northern Plains location, under the bridge. It works with anything that isn’t the lure. Found that the lugworms and earthworms had a better chance than sardines or carp.

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