Nier Replicant Scattered Cargo Locations

Scattered Cargo in Nier Replicant is a side quest that you can complete for a sweet granny from Seafront, who needs you to find three crates scattered across the map. The biggest problem here is, of course, where to find the scattered cargo locations. The game doesn’t show you where they are, so it’s pretty tricky. When you do find them, however, you have the option to open them, even though the granny asked you not to. Interesting, right? Well, in our Nier Replicant Scattered Cargo Locations guide, we’ll show you where to find the crates, as well as how to complete the quest, since there are a few options.

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nier replicant scattered cargo locations
Nier Replicant Scattered Cargo Locations

Where to Find Scattered Cargo Locations in Nier Replicant

The first location of the Scattered Cargo in Nier Replicant is near the large wrecked ship lying to the west of Seafront. The cargo is behind the stern of the ship (aka the back), near the water’s edge. You have the option to either open it or leave it well alone, as the sweet granny asked. We’ll discuss this further in the section below.

where to find nier replicant scattered cargo
First Scattered Cargo location

The second location is just outside your village. The quickest way to go about it is to take the fast travel boat. Once you disembark, look to the north, and you’ll see the package next to the cliff wall, near the water. Take a gander at the image below to see exactly where it is.

second scattered cargo location
Second Scattered Cargo location

The third and final Scattered Cargo location is in the Northern Plains. Check at the bottom of the bridge that’s under construction, directly across from the waterfall. This is your last chance to take a peek into the crate, so let’s talk about that, because it’s important.

scattered cargo third location where to find
Third Scattered Cargo location

How to Complete Scattered Cargo Quest

There are two ways that you can complete the Nier Replicant Scattered Cargo quest. The first one is to collect all the crates without looking into them. Once you get all three, go back to the sweet granny, hand in the quest, and collect your reward of twenty thousand gold. Everyone’s happy, right? Well, there’s a little more to it.

If you opt to take a look into one of the crates, you’ll find out that they’re full of drugs and explosives (side note: you might have to look into all three crates for it to count, keep that in mind). Now, you have two options: proceed as normal, or report granny to the authorities. If you choose the latter, visit the guard in Seafront (location below), and then go to the Seafront postman to collect the fifty-thousand gold bounty. Not bad for being a dirty, dirty snitch.

how to complete niere replicant scattered cargo quest
Snitch on the granny and go to the postman to get the bounty
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