Nier Replicant Sandfish

Sandfish in Nier Replicant is one of the many fish that you can catch in the game, and it is the central part of the Fisherman’s Gambit Part 6 quest, which requires you to get three of them. As is the case with all of these quests, you will face two potential problems here. The first one is figuring out where to find the sandfish, and the second one is how to get it. In our Nier Replicant Sandfish guide, we’ll show you how to catch sandfish, where they are, and what the best bait to get them is.

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nier replicant sandfish
Nier Replicant Sandfish

How to Catch Sandfish in Nier Replicant – Best Bait to Get Sandfish in Fisherman’s Gambit Part 6

To catch the Nier Replicant sandfish for the Fisherman’s Gambit Part 6 quest, the best bait to use is the regular lure. Reminder; you can get the lure in the tackle shop at the top of the stairs leading to the Seafront pier (100 Gold a piece). Anyways, once the old men at the pier gives you the quest, your next stop is the desert. Specifically, you need to go to the small dock with the fast travel boat tied to it in the sea of sand, in the southwest of the map. If you don’t know where exactly that is, check out the screenshots below.

To actually get the sandfish in for Fisherman’s Gambit, you can fish from the “shore” next to the boat. The trick here is that you have to start reeling the fish in as soon as it bites. The moment the float bobs once, pull the analog stick towards you. For most fish, you have to wait until they pull three times, but that’s not at all the case here. You have to be ready to go immediately.

Another thing we have to mention about the Nier Replicant sandfish is that it takes a while to whittle down its health bar. By now, you know how to find the sweet spot to get the fish’s health down efficiently, but it’ll still take a while. Once you have three sandfish, go back to the old man in Seafront to complete the quest and unlock the next step.

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