Nier Replicant Who Do I Love More Than Anyone Answer

“Who Do I Love More Than Anyone?” is the question you have to answer at the end of your first Nier Replicant playthrough. You would have adventured for dozens of hours through this strange world. Defeated endless enemies. Finally, you’ll face the final obstacle. Once you defeat the end boss the game presents you with another challenge. A conundrum, if you will. Yonah asks “Who do I love more than anyone?” IT is the game designers final curve ball. We’ll help you answer Nier Replicant “Who do I love more than anyone” correctly and happily finish the game. Now it’s time for the second, third and fourth playthrough.

Nier Replicant Who Do I Love More Than Anyone Correct Answer

Who Do I Love More Than Anyone?

Trying to bring Yonah back into the world of living you reminiscent your sister’s favorite things in the world. Trying to prove that life is still worth living. You’ll notice many references to things you’ve mentioned throughout the game. Finally, Yonah asks “Who do I love more than anyone” and the game opens up a text input box. The correct answer is that Yonah loves here brother more than anything. Her brother being you, the player, of course. You are supposed to enter the same name you entered when you started the game and it asked you for your name.

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Who Does Yonah Love More Than Anyone
You probably don’t have a screenshot of you inputting your name at the beginning of the game like we do. If you remember it though, make sure you capitalize correctly and use the same special characters.

How to Find Your Character Name in Nier Replicant?

The problem is that most of us don’t remember the name we entered for our character at the start. Even if you do remember, maybe you input it wrong at the end? Your name appears every time you speak. If you are on consoles maybe you can save the last 15 minutes of gameplay. Just before the text input pops up you talk to Grimoire Weiss and your name appears. Make sure you did not add a space before your name or after when you first started the game. Capitalization is important so use the same capital letters you used at the beginning. Any special characters also have to be included.

If you fail to input your name and can’t remember it and have no screenshots you might have to load your last save. You then need to look out for dialogues to see what name people use when you talk to them. I’ve also noticed that the loading screen has your name written in some book notes. Use that to remind yourself. Use proper capitalization and all special characters. This should help you finish the game and answer Yonah’s “Who do I love mora than anyone” question.

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    It still doesn’t work. Please help me?! :((((((((

  2. J

    Doesn’t work. Don’t know what else to do?

    1. K

      I know this is late but Its the name u originally inserted when u started a new save slot. For example; i start a new game a new save slot and i typed in “yeetusMaximus” thats my protagonists name and thats what i insert in the final question. U get what im saying?

  3. D

    Typed in ‘clue’ and it gave me the name. Not sure if that did it or I messed up too many times.

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