Nier Replicant Wheat – Buy or Grow Wheat – A Signature Dish

Wheat in Nier Replicant is used for a couple of quests and you can buy it or grow it. The quest A Signature Dish asks for 10 wheat. You also need one wheat for Yonah’s Home Cooking side quest. You’ll need 10 or 1 wheat respectively. Since it can’t just be found in the open world you might wonder how to obtain wheat in Nier Replicant easy. We’ll give you a few ways in this article.

Nier Replicant Wheat Buy or Grow Wheat A Signature Dish

Where to buy wheat in Nier Replicant?

You can buy wheat for 500g form the grocer in your village. Grocer is on the west side of the main village market street around the middle. Observe the map bellow for her location. This is a pretty steep price. You need 10 wheat for A Signature Dish quest, so that comes out to 5000g. Luckily the reward for that quest is exactly 5000g. One wheat you’ll need for Yonah’s Home Cooking quest is easy and you should get it from the grocer. However, if you are trying to save 5000g for weapon upgrades then read on for an alternative method of getting this grain.

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How to grow Wheat in Nier Replicant?

You have to use the Cultivation mechanic to grow Wheat in Nier Replicant. Nier is an amalgam of many games and their mechanics and includes a field where you can grow your crops. You will first have to finish the quest A Shopping List you get from the florist in your village. Once you do that you’ll be able to plant seeds in the field next to your and Yonah’s house. To grow Wheat you have to get some Wheat Seedling. Buy them from the florist then run to your house. At the field you choose plant and select the seed. Water the plant afterwards. Plants grow for two days in real time! You can speed up the process by applying some speed fertilizer. Still, it takes a lot of real world time for it to grow. You’ll have to water it occasionally too. If you are in no hurry this is the best and free way of obtaining Wheat in Nier Replicant.

There was a trick where you would disconnect your console from the net, move the time and then harvest plants quickly. This worked in the old PS3 version. I am not sure if it works in the remake. We just bought the damn thing

10 Wheat for A Signature Dish and 1 Wheat for Yonah’s Home Cooking

A Signature dish rewards you 5000g. You’ll be able to farm the money in Nier Replicant you don’t make with this quest later in the game. You’ll also need sardines that you can fish for free and medicine herb is easily found. If you want to dabble in Cultivation you can still grow wheat, but if time is of concern I suggest you just buy it from the grocer. One wheat you need for Yonah is definitely bought.

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