Nier Replicant Blowfish

Blowfish in Nier Replicant is a type of fish that you can catch in the game, and you’ll need to get seven of them to complete one of the steps of the Fisherman’s Gambit quest. The biggest problem here is figuring out where to find blowfish. The game, naturally, doesn’t tell you their location. And, as it turns out, it seems like it only appears in one place. So, in our Nier Replicant Blowfish guide, we’ll show you how to get blowfish, the best bait to use to catch them, and more.

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nier replicant blowfish
Nier Replicant Blowfish

How to Get Blowfish in Nier Replicant – Best Bait to Catch Blowfish

To get blowfish in Nier Replicant, the best bait to use to catch it are lugworms. Fortunately, there’s the tackle shop right up the stairs from the pier where you find the old man that gives you the Fisherman’s Gambit quest in the first place. He also sells lures that you need to catch rainbow trout, but that’s besides the point right now. Lugworms cost just ten gold a pop, and I recommend getting some twenty or thirty of them. I’ll explain why in just a second; for now, just trust me, you’ll need them.

Now, head back to the pier in Seafront where the old man that gave you the fishing quest is chilling. Put a lugworm on your hook and cast your line right off that pier. Wait until you get a bite and reel it in. If the fish is not giving much resistance, it’s probably a sardine or a piece of trash. On the other hand, if it’s really putting up a fight, it’s probably a Nier Replicant blowfish. That’s why you need a larger number of lugworms – you need seven blowfish, and a number of bites you get will be sardines.

Once you have the seven blowfish that you needed, go back to the quest giver. This will trigger the next step of the Nier Replicant Fisherman’s Gambit, where you’ll have to fished for the above-mentioned rainbow trout. The quest has a number of steps, and is very handy if you’re going for the A Round by the Pond trophy/achievement, for which you need to catch one of each type of fish.

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