Hidden Items on the Map Locations - Seasoned Traveler Trophy Guide - Nioh 2

Nioh 2 hidden items on the map are secret items that you can find by clicking on specific locations on the map, and they’re tied to the Seasoned Traveler trophy / achievement. The hidden map items are a type of collectible in Nioh 2, and they can definitely come in handy. However, finding the hidden item location can be a bit difficult, and there’s a lot of them in each region. In our Hidden Map Items Locations in Nioh 2 – Seasoned Traveler Trophy guide, we’re going to show you where to find all 35 hidden items on the map, and how to get the Seasoned Traveler achievement.

Hidden Map Items Locations in Nioh 2 Seasoned Traveler Trophy
Hidden Items on the Map Locations – Seasoned Traveler Trophy Guide – Nioh 2

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep updating it as we go.

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Where to Find all Nioh 2 Hidden Items on the Map – How to Get Seasoned Traveler Achievement?

To find all the hidden items on the map in Nioh 2, you basically have to move the cursor around the world map when you’re not in a mission. You’ll need to find ten hidden map items to earn the Seasoned Traveler trophy / achievement. That shouldn’t be much of a problem, since each of the seven regions has five hidden items. As you move the cursor around the map, it’ll become red when you hover over a hidden item. Click on that place, and you’ll get the item as well as a little note about the location and its place in history.

Awakening Region 1 Hidden Map Item Locations – Where to Find?

  1. Sacred Water – Mount Ibuki is a sacred mountain, and home to a mountain god. Legends state that a brave hero, Yamato Takeru, once climbed the mountain to fight with the god, but was cursed with a grave illness for his insolence. While he was able to escape and briefly recover in a sacred spring at the foot of the mountain, his condition deteriorated thereafter, eventually leading to his death.
  2. Ochoko Cup – Miyanokoshi was an important transportation and trading hub, located at the mouth of Sai River. It is now know by the name Kanaiwa, as part of the Kanazawa City in Ishikawa prefecture. As a lot of rice came to accumulate here, it became a key location in the advancement of alcohol brewing, giving birth to Miyanokoshi’s renowned Chrysanthemum Sake.
  3. Yamabushi Headgear
  4. Omamori
  5. Sacred Arrow
where to find hidden map item locations nioh 2 region 1 awakening
All Awakening Region Hidden Map Item locations

Soaring Region 2 Hidden Map Item Locations – How to Get?

  1. Thief’s Gauntlets
  2. Water Amulet
  3. Mikawa Warrior’s Helmet
  4. White Fox Mask
  5. Yamabushi Robes

Shadow Region 3 Hidden Map Item Locations in Nioh 2

  1. Chunin’s Kusarigama
  2. Burning Oil Jar
  3. Mounted Archer Helmet
  4. Shugendo Hermit Hatchets
  5. Warlord’s Cuirass

Dawn Region 4 Hidden Map Item Locations for Seasoned Traveler Trophy

  1. Demon’s Horn
  2. Dragon Whistle
  3. Holy Axe
  4. Tanegashima Matchlock
  5. Magoroku Kanemoto Dual Katana

Twilight Region 5 Hidden Map Item Locations – How to Get Nioh 2 Achievement?

  1. Moonprayer Helmet
  2. Warped Jawbone
  3. Sacred Brush
  4. Divine Branch
  5. Prayer Beads

Dream Region 6 Hidden Map Item Locations – Where to Find in Nioh 2?

  1. Broken Demon Tile
  2. Hyuga Director’s Helmet
  3. Saika Clan Cuirass
  4. Sacred Ash
  5. Seto Marutsubo

Afterglow Region 7 Hidden Map Item Locations

  1. Totoya
  2. Firestarter Hood
  3. Justice Ministry White Hood
  4. Gallant Helmet
  5. Kusanagi Tsurugi

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