Nioh 2 Mujina Locations - How to Get Mujina Soul Core

Mujina is a type of enemy in Nioh 2. It’s a mimic yokai that can take on many forms. Like all the other yokai, it can give you a soul core with a unique ability. It’s the rarest creature in the game, and if you’re gunning for the Yokai Quelling Master trophy, you’re likely to end up missing only the Mujina. If you do end up in that situation, this guide is going to show you where to find Mujina in Nioh 2, and how to get its soul core.

nioh 2 mujina locations how to get mujina soul core
Nioh 2 Mujina Locations – How to Get Mujina Soul Core

Where to find Mujina?

The Mujina appears randomly when opening a treasure chest. They’re extremely rare, and a number of folks have reported only seeing one in their entire playthrough. So the only thing you can do is watch closely every time you open a chest and be ready for a confrontation. The yokai looks like a badger with a mushroom on its head, and you won’t have trouble recognizing it.

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How to get Mujina soul core?

After the Mujina pops up from the chest, it’ll transform into a human. It’ll then perform an emote. Depending on what you want, you can either kill it or part with it amicably. If you want the trophy, you’ll need to fight it. It’s a tough opponent, as it mimics your moves.

However, if you want to get the soul core, you mustn’t attack the monster. Instead, you’ll need to respond to its emoting in kind. Match the emote it performs, and it’ll drop the soul core and vanish into thin air. This means that if you want both the core and the Yokai Quelling Trophy, you’ll need to luck into at least two Mujina encounters – more if you fail to choose the proper emote the first time.

Nioh 2 doesn't pull any punches, so you might get stuck before you've even begun playing. We've written a guide to help you choose your starting weapon and guardian spirit, and another that shows how to reset skills if you invest in the wrong ones. Once you've dug in, you'll probably want to know how to unlock onmyo magic & ninja proficiency skills, or how to change and use Yokai Shift forms. Getting more skill points is always a priority, which is why we've written about locks of hair locations. If you're hunting rare soul cores, you'll probably want to know about the Mujina locations - finding them is tricky.

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