Nioh 2 Reset Skills & Level Guide

Resetting Skills and Attributes in Nioh 2 is a mechanic that lets you get back all your Amrita points and respec your character. If you’ve made a mistake while distributing your Amrita while leveling your character, you’ll want to know how to reset your skills and level in Nioh 2. And, given all the stats you have to keep track of, this will probably happen to you at least once. So, in our Nioh 2 Reset Skills & Level Guide article, we’re going to show you how to respec Skill and Attribute Points in Nioh 2, how to get back your Amrita, etc.

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Nioh 2 Reset Skills & Level Guide
Nioh 2 Reset Skills & Level Guide

How to Respec Your Skill & Attribute Points, Level in Nioh 2?

To reset your skills and level in Nioh 2, yo have to obtain and use the Book of Reincarnation. To do that, you’ll first have to complete several opening story missions until you unlock access to the Blacksmith. Once you do, select the Starting Point on the world map, and then hit Blacksmith (incidentally, you can also use one of the options in the Starting Point to play Nioh 2 in co-op multiplayer). In the Blacksmith’s menu, select Buy, and scroll down to find the Book of Reincarnation. It costs a truly horrifying 10,000 gold, and the cost goes up each time you purchase it. So, you’d better think twice whether you want to use it or not.

Once you purchase the Book of Reincarnation, go into the Usable Items section of your character menu. Use it, and all of your levels and skill points (or Amrita, if you prefer) will be returned to you, so feel free to respec your Nioh 2 character in whichever new direction you have in mind. Simply go to the Starting Point and then to the Shrine to reassign your Amrita. Just keep in mind that you can’t use the book when you’re in a mission. Also note that there has been a bug where the book only refunds Amrita for Attribute Points, so be careful.

An alternative to the Book of Reincarnation is using the Dojo menu on the map to respec your character, once you unlock it. Just go into the Dojo and press Triangle. Once there, you can pay a fee to respec Skill Tree you refund, calculated per Skill Point. There are no limitations as to how many times you can do this, aside from the cost, which does rise as you progress through the game and unlock more Skill Points. So, this is basically a way to make small changes to your character, where the Book of Reincarnation is starting from scratch.

Nioh 2 doesn't pull any punches, so you might get stuck before you've even begun playing. We've written a guide to help you choose your starting weapon and guardian spirit, and another that shows how to reset skills if you invest in the wrong ones. Once you've dug in, you'll probably want to know how to unlock onmyo magic & ninja proficiency skills, or how to change and use Yokai Shift forms. Getting more skill points is always a priority, which is why we've written about locks of hair locations. If you're hunting rare soul cores, you'll probably want to know about the Mujina locations - finding them is tricky.

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