Nioh 2 Hot Springs Locations - Spa Lover Trophy

Hot springs are secret locations in Nioh 2. These little hidden spas can be pretty hard to find, but interacting with them heals your wounds and gives you a life regeneration buff. There’s 27 of them in total, and once you’ve used them all, you’ll unlock the Spa Lover trophy. If you’re having trouble finding them, this guide will show you all 27 Nioh 2 hot springs locations, to help you get that achievement.

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nioh 2 hot springs locations spa lover trophy
Nioh 2 Hot Springs Locations – Spa Lover Trophy

If you don’t know which ones you’ve already visited, you can find that out on the map. Open up a specific mission’s screen, then press R1. The info box will show you if there are any hot springs in the specified mission, and whether you’ve collected them.

A large number of hot springs are hidden behind yokai walls. You’ll recognize them by the giant eyes that start staring at you when you approach them. In order to make them disappear, you need to perform an emote of the right color. The color is randomized each time, so you have to guess. You have two guesses – if you fail to guess right, you have to fight the yokai. If you succeed, the monster will disappear.

Beast Born of Smoke & Flames hot spring location

From the second shrine, go up the shortcut ladder and enter the fortress (if you haven’t unlocked the shortcut yet, just go through the village and hug the left wall until you’re above the shrine). Go through the passage on the right – you can kick the water barrel above it to extinguish the flames first – and head into the corner. Examine the wall on the right and you’ll notice a pair of big, disconcerting eyes watching you. Perform the correct emote and the yokai wall will disappear, revealing the first hot spring location in the game.

We’re going to keep playing the game, and we’ll update this guide with new locations as we discover them.

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